Mark Hanna
6. August 1959 - 26. September 1999

One of Britainís most experienced display pilots of historic military aircraft, Mark Hanna, was seriously injured in an aircraft crash in Spain on Saturday 25 September. Mark passed away at 8.30 pm, Sunday 26 September.

The accident took place at Sabadell near Barcelona where the aircraft was due to participate in a large flying display. It occurred on approach to landing and there was a major fire.

Mark was flying an Hispano Buchon, a Spanish-built version of the Second World War German Messerschmitt Bf109 fighter. The aircraft had appeared at air shows throughout the UK and Europe.

Mark was Managing Director and co-founder of the Old Flying Machine Company which preserves and maintains rare vintage aircraft in airworthy condition. An ex-RAF fast jet pilot, Mark had flown over 4000 flying hours of which 2300 were on historic aircraft.

Just three weeks before this fatal accident, Mark showed the fascination of flying and especially flying a warbird to the thousands of spectators at the oldtimer meeting "Hahnweide". I hope some of my photos will keep up the memory of Mark and show the fascination of flying to the many visitors of my homepage.

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