Airshow Photo Gallery by Robert Stetter

45th Anniversary of WTD 61
(German Airforce Test Center)
Manching, Germany
September 28, 2002

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Eurofighter DA1 and DA5 in close formation after take-off.
Eurofighter DA1 with afterburner after a touch-and-go.
A striking picture of Eurofighter DA1.
Eurofighter DA1 showing its afterburners in full beauty.
Eurofighter DA1 on a high alpha fly-past.
Eurofighter DA1 in a roll.
Eurofighter DA1 on a fly-past.
Again both Eurofighter prototypes in close formation.
Tornado taking-off. Notice the condensation vortex on the wing tip.
Tornado taking-off with full afterburner.
Tornado turning to the left with its undercarriage half retracted.
Tornado showing nice condensation trails.
Tornado with a lot of condensation.
Tornado with a lot of condensation.
Tornado drawing long condensation trails.

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