Airshow Photo Gallery by Robert Stetter

45th Anniversary of WTD 61
(German Airforce Test Center)
Manching, Germany
September 28, 2002

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Tornado with full afterburner.
Tornado with an intensive condensation trail on RH wing.
Mig-29 pulling up into the blue sky.
Transall with great corkscrew condensation trails.
Transall on a 'Sarajevo approach'.
Sikorsky CH-53GS
A very rare sight: Formation of F-4F Phantom, Eurofighter and Mig-29.
Eurofighter landing without braking parachute, instead using its airbrake.
Eurofighter on the taxiway.
Eurofighter (Doubleseater) in the hangar.
Eurocopter EC 135, Bavarian Police.
Navy Tornado.
Tornado 'Tigermeeting'
Tornado 'Tigermeeting'
First motor run of a full-scale replica Focke Wulf FW-190 A8. The aircraft is expected to fly end of 2002.

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